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S2 Episode 23 - On Embracing Non-Linear Thinking And Multipotentiality with Perry Knoppert

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Purpose Highway Podcast, Scott Mason talks to Perry Knoppert, founder of The Octopus Movement, author and host of a Youtube podcast show featuring atypical thinkers and multipotentialites. Perry talks to Scott about how it is for non-linear thinkers to live in a world dominated by linear thinkers and offers insights as to how that has both benefitted and hindered modern society. Together with Scott, they explore parallels between Greek myths to demonstrate the nuances between specialists and multipotentialites. Perry uses multipotentialite thinking to explore the nuances in modern-day issues such as racism, gender issues, and even climate change and argues that these issues are a consequence of living in a world dominated by linear thinking.

Episode Notes


06:02 The mediator between the linear and the non-linear world 

11:54 Linear and non-linear thinking explained

21:51 Non-Linear Thinking vs Artificial Intelligence

27:45 How heroes in Greek myth used Non-Linear thinking

40:52 Finding balance as a non-linear thinker 

44:01 How do you know if you're a non-linear thinker?

56:30 Spirituality, religion, and non-linear thinking

1:01:51 Learn about Project 398

1:07:20 Connect with Perry


16:51 Perry: "I think the women in power that are doing very well are women that are very linear. And I think most of the women are in a way very non-linear. And I think men are in a way, very linear. So it's a male dominated world in a very linear organization where it's difficult for women to do their thing because they're non-linear."

18:00 Scott: "I'm hearing that you believe that we have overvalued it or over-leveraged it in our society. And that ultimately, because we're all thinking in these single lane highway modes or in these silos, we're not necessarily integrating the whole picture together when we talked about climate change a minute ago." 

27:15 Perry: we all have different lives. We all have different energies. We all have a different gut feeling. So if you don't allow to follow that path in a non-linear way, you will not make it. And then in the end, you're, you're waiting for your million and you'll get stressed out and, and, and you're not happy. And you're pretending to be happy and making pictures of yourself on Instagram saying I'm on top of the world, but I'm not.

43:09 Perry: "I found my balance and I can be very linear in my work and very, non-linear very, not focused, very focused and it's working and I can't even explain how it works, but it was thanks to all the rabbit holes and all the different moments in my life that I was able to do this."

52:16 Scott: "Being a non-linear thinking thinker gave me the ability to envision or to rewrite myths about my life and create epic mythology for my future."

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