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S2 Episode 20 - Spirituality and Interior Design: An Unlikely Connection

Episode Summary

Joining Scott Mason in this episode of the Purpose Highway Podcast is Laura Staley, Founder of Cherish Your World and author of three books including Live Inspired, Let Go Courageously and Live with Love: Transform Your Life with Feng Shui, and the Cherish Your World Gift Book. Feng Shui is the art and practice of arranging physical space to enhance the quality of your life. All things have energy and Laura explains how orienting your belongings, of which only those which you truly care about must be kept, affects all aspects of life. She explains that it is not about being a neat freak. Active chaos comes about from the act of creating, while passive chaos is what suffocates you. Laura invites listeners to look where the clutter is hiding, the pain points, for it may be here that you may find the greater purpose in your life that you are seeking.

Episode Notes


03:55 Feng Shui: A connection to neuroscience and space as a metaphor for life

07:12 A flooded basement: Laura learns to surround herself with belongings she loves

11:28 Expectations, if not brought out into the open, is a limiting belief

15:09 Emotional laziness and space: Clutter is an expression of fear

19:47 People create safe physical space where they feel safe

23:14 3 practices of Feng Shui: Arranging physical space to enhance quality of life

25:53 Active chaos is necessary for creation, passive chaos stifles

28:21 Take steps to let go and connect with space you love

30:59 Space: A metaphor, give yourself permission to do what you love, look for pain points

32:31 Connect with Laura


05:05 "Space matters because it's either distracting us, we're stumbling over it, we might even getting our shins cut on things that we're bumping into. The clutter could be stagnating domains of our life."

06:15 "Your space is actually a metaphor for exactly what's happening in your life. Good, bad, indifferent."

12:15 "We're struggling at the core of ourselves to either belong to ourselves and our true core reason for being on the planet, or pleasing other people. And I just heard recently that the two fatal limiting beliefs are feeling responsible for other people's emotions, and feeling... not wanting to disappoint anyone."

21:48 "Every human being wants a haven where they get to thrive. And for some people, they thrive in a tent, on the beach. Other people thrive on a house boat out on the river. That's their sweet spot."

23:28 "Everything is connected by energy and everything, the energy in everything is always changing. And then there are three practices that flow out of that."

32:07 "Inside the pain points and those painful spaces and nooks and crannies of your basement closet, drawers, wherever the clutter might be hiding, you might discover in the pain points your deeper purpose and passion for living."

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